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DRA Cloud Ltd is a Bolton based company which provides consultancy services to assist local businesses in making the maximum use of their data. A complete service from Analysis, Database Design, Application Development and Custom Reports is available.

Our experience of Business and Financial Systems may be harnessed by you to give your company the edge, with data accessibility across you team, and efficient data integration.

Do you have several different business and financial systems, each with independent data sets, but with some of the same information in each system? For example:- a customer contacts or relationship management system and a financial accounts system. Each of these systems requires Client/Customer names, addresses and contact details. If you currently have to enter these manually into each system, the double entry is costing you time and money. By adding some data integration between these systems, you may enter the data once in one of the systems and it would automatically then be inserted or updated in the other system. This type of integration can save a lot of time, but also helps to ensure the information is consistent across the different systems.

You know that your business relies on having information to hand to make decisions, often needing to be able to make these decisions quickly. If the information is spread across different systems, often a mix of manual paper and computer based systems, this can prove difficult and frustrating. Introduction of database systems, to replace the manual ones, and the utilisation of reports which can combine data from different systems, allows you to see the information you need in a format that may help you to make that important decision in time.

DRA Cloud Ltd has the skills to work with your staff, data and systems to help your team gain maximum benefit from the information you hold. Together we could make your data work for you.